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Slam With Turtlebot

I was part of a team that implemented SLAM with ROS using a TurtleBot. The robot navigated through a maze, avoiding obstacles, by first calculating the C-Space of the map, then finding a frontier to explore, planning an optimal path to the frontier, and repeating this process until the map was complete. The robot then navigated back to the starting position and to a specified goal position, using the map to avoid obstacles.

Object Mapping with Romi

In this project, a team of four of us made a small robot that used a variety of sensors, including an IR sensor, an ultrasonic sensor, Romi motor encoders, and a camera, to measure and produce data on the distances of where the panels were to determine their location. The data was then formatted into an array to be communicated with mapping software. This allowed the data to be visualized into a final map, which allowed us to measure the precision and accuracy of the mapping software.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital Application

In this project, I worked for 7 weeks as a Product Owner and a Front-End Developer on a team of 10. The application was designed to be used in kiosks at the hospital for guests to get directions from a navigation section or sign up for hospital notifications. Employees could also sign in to the application to make service requests, and admins had access to make changes to the map or employee list.

Industrial Robotic Arm

I programmed an ABB industrial robotic arm in the RAPID programming language and Robot Studio application to conduct palletization. The program instructed the robot to pick up the products and place them in a 3×3 sequence until it detected that there were no more. I then used Robot Studio to simulate the program and test it before it was deployed on the robot.

Hong Kong Waterfront Research

I spent 7 weeks in Hong Kong working alongside 3 others in a multidisciplinary team to conduct research studies on several waterfronts in collaboration with Designing Hong Kong and the University of Hong Kong. We presented our methodology and findings to the Harbourfront Commission, which used this information to increase the sociability of the city’s waterfronts.



“I am deeply amazed by the team’s utmost expertise and flawless implementation of the project. Their effectiveness, collaboration, and adeptness in their domain have left me in awe. I extend my sincere gratitude for their exceptional result.”

Paul Zimmerman

Client, Founder, and CEO of Designing Hong Kong

“I am impressed with the professionalism and execution of the project by this team. Highly efficient, easy to communicate with, and definitely know their craft. One of the best-looking applications I’ve seen.”

Andrew Shinn

Client, Senior Planner at Brigham and Women’s Hospital

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