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Front-End Digital Signage


Brigham ANd Women’s Hospital

In this project, I worked 7 weeks in a team of 10 as a Product Owner and a Front-End Developer. This application is designed to be used in kiosks at the hospital for guests to get directions from a navigation section or sign up for hospital notifications. Employees can also sign in to the application to make service requests and Admins have access to make changes to the map or employee list.

I am impressed with the professionalism and execution of the project by this team. Highly efficient, easy to communicate with, and definitely know their craft. One of the best-looking applications I’ve seen.

Andrew Shinn

Client, Senior Planner at Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Here are also some diagrams that delve more in-depth into our code base.

Map ERD Diagram

Alert and Signage Diagram

Subsystem Diagram

If you want to look at our class diagram, you can view it here